If you are a hot sauce fanatic most likely you already know about Sriracha.  If not, you are missing out. This popular brand of hot sauce sits at every table in pho restaurants but is not limited to flavoring just pho. Made by a company in California, Huy Fong, this spicy concoction does not compare to most of the other bottles of hot sauces available.  Found in a plastic bottle with a trademark green cap, the unique flavor has a hint of sweetness, garlic and just the right amount of spiciness.  The texture is more like ketchup.  As it says on the bottle, this hot sauce goes with just about anything, pizza, hot dogs, eggs and all kinds of noodle soups. Nowadays you can find some at your local American grocery store or at Whole Foods although they are a bit pricier than an Asian market.  If you cook at home, this is one item that always needs to be in your kitchen.

Sriracha Hot Sauce

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