To continue from the previous post on Sriracha hot sauce.  What I’ve noticed when watching the cooking shows is that many of the chefs have Sriracha in their pantries and some are even using it on some of the dishes. I’m always impressed and take more interest in a celebrity chef who uses Sriracha and is a fan of pho.

Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern are definitely pho fans but I wonder if they know how to make good pho? Doing a Google search results in nothing on the topic.  Doing a search on with keyword “pho” came up with some recipes.  The first recipe that came up was a “Lobster Pho”??!?  Who? What? That would have never even crossed my mind. First of all, the recipe was from Emeril.  Perhaps that just says it all and I’ll stop right here. As a matter of fact, all the pho recipes from Food Network were all from Emeril. Surprising considering pho has been an up-and-coming dish over the past several years.

But getting back to lobster pho– I think is synonomous with “Vegetarian Pho”.  Yes it’s possible to make it but is it right to have a “seafood” pho? I guess I should be open minded and maybe try to make a “seafood” pho and see. Cooking IS about being creative and I’ve heard of worse things.

Celebrity Chefs and Pho

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