Surprisingly it’s hard to find really good Vietnamese food in the Boston area. Granted, numerous Vietnamese restaurants have cropped up over the past few years and I have not tried all of them, the ones I have visited were just OK.  Pho Lemongrass is one that I have frequented in the past and is still one of my top choices along with Pho Pasteur in Allston which is now called Le’s.  As many Bostonians know, there are several Pho Pasteur locations with the original one in Chinatown.  However, not all the locations serve the same quality pho. Apparently, I believe all the Pho Pasteur’s are now called Le’s due to some transfer of ownership?  I’ll have to look into that…..

I’m from the Washington D.C. metro area and there are many good Vietnamese restaurants around there so when I go back home to visit, one of my priorities is to plan and carve out a mealtime to go and eat pho and/or Vietnamese food.  On this visit, I went to the Four Sisters restaurant located at the Eden Centre in Falls Church, VA.  The food was OK, not as great as it used to be and the servings were much smaller than I remembered.  Needless to say I was disappointed since I only had a limited number of meals to eat during my visit and wasted one on Four Sisters.  Should’ve just went to Pho Tay Ho on Leesburg Pike – the pho there is still good, although not as good as they used to be but good enough and close enough to where I usually stay to just grab a decent bowl of pho which is still better than what I can get in the Boston area.

Pho in the Boston/DC area

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