As the saying goes, some of the best food comes from places that are a “hole in the wall” or in other words, just a plain, undecorated, not-so-special place. However, that is not always the case. My family and I went on vacation in Florida near Tampa and tried a pho place in Pinellas Park for lunch.    It was a small café place off of one of the main roads, nothing special – a hole in the wall.  Plastic patio chairs, the usual Vietnamese café décor of a few Vietnamese themed print art work and fake electric plants, the ones with glowing flower tips.  Our group ordered a variety of dishes including a sliced beef pho, bun bo hue and hu tieu among some other dishes.  My bun bo hue was not so bad.  It had enough flavor and ingredients in it to make it enjoyable. However, the person who ordered the pho commented that it tasted as if were made from pho cubes. Yes, I do sell those pho cubes and they are quite good when you don’t have time to make it from scratch and are craving for pho and the closest place is about an hour and a half away.    

A Hole in the Wall

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