No, there are no eateries that serve pho in World Disney although they should.  Who wouldn’t want a bowl of pho instead of a ham and cheese sandwich or a turkey leg even though you may have to pay $15 for a bowl.  Why is it that those who love pho feel compelled to try and eat pho wherever they go?  My obsession is not just pho but noodle soups in general.  On our visit to the Orlando area, we ate at two places on two different occasions.

The first visit was to Little Saigon on Colonial Drive in Orlando.  It was a typical Vietnamese restaurant but this place was filled with mostly white people.  Does that matter? Well, it depends (see “Ate at Little Saigon and Anh Hong” entry). My young kids now like to eat pho, thank goodness! But what kid doesn’t, right?  So I ordered a small bowl for the kids with beef balls and nothing else– no onions, no scallions, no cilantro. It gets a bit messy for under 5 year olds but at least they are satisfied.  Maybe I should write to Disney to see if they can find a vendor to sell pho at the park, hmmm.

Disney and Some Pho

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